Living and sharing life changing Hope, with all people in all places

Welcome to the online home of Grace Communion
International (GCI) - South Africa

GCI Southern Africa has 113 churches which are located in 4 countries and serve more than 6000 people. To see what is happening in your local congregation click here

What do we believe?

With so many different church denominations out there it is important to establish the belief system of a denomination

To find out more about the doctrine and beliefs of
GCI click here

Our History

Our denomination was founded in 1934 Herbert W. Armstrong and went through some radical changes that has been called by some miraculous. To find out more click here

Face to Face Magazine

Face to Face Magazine is an in-house publication
of GCI South Africa.

Face to Face seeks to inspire you to reach your full potential as you discover deeper insight into the purpose of living and relationships through an intimate bond with the Triune God. Visit the Face to Face website for all the articles and previous magazines. 


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